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Introducing our New Volunteer and Administration Coordinator

Posted on: August 7th, 2019 by Tristan Evans

Written by Cari Moore – Coordinator of Volunteers and Administration

Coordinator of Volunteers and Administration – Cari Moore

Hello, my name is Cari Moore and I have recently joined the amazing staff at the Chilliwack Museum and Archives as the Coordinator of Volunteers and Administration, and I am loving this new opportunity!

I have lived in Chilliwack for 28 years and have seen our city grow and thrive through many changes that have come up, and I am honored to call this place my home. Chilliwack has so much to offer, from arts and culture, sports and leisure, to the nature and beauty that surrounds us. It is a great place to work, a great place to raise children and a great place to retire. There is so much to learn from our history and that is something I look forward to in the future.

The roll I stepped into at the museum has been very rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the volunteers that are so dedicated to their positions, and for whom without we would not be able to operate our charming little gift shop! The volunteers here greet visitors, help with gift shop displays, and answer questions from the public about our community and our museum. They are the face of who we are, and they brighten everyone’s day who walks through our doors.  Some of our volunteers are very new and some have been around for years, all are very reliable and make my job that much more rewarding. Each of our volunteers have something unique and special that they bring to their volunteer position and it makes each day different from the next.

We are however always recruiting for new volunteers. If you would like to  join our fun fantastic team please give us a call today – I look forward to hearing from you!