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I chose to hold a cylinder phonograph because of my love of music and technology. I am a lover of music; from Tchaikovsky to Modest Mouse, I enjoy all genres. I danced ballet for most of my childhood and adolescence and the thrill of dancing through a room has never waned (much to the amusement of my colleagues). I am also fascinated with the rate of technological change and the advancement of media over the past 150 years. In my work as a Curator, I am tasked with documenting and exhibiting a large collection of artifacts that tell the compelling stories of our community’s growth. I am always interested in what new inventions replace the obsolete and what that tells us about our culture’s idea of progress. I have a Certificate in Higher Education from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, a BA in History from Simon Fraser University, a MA in History from Trinity Western University and a Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) from University of Leicester, England.

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