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In some cases an autopsy is performed to investigate the cause of death. This thorough examination is a specialized surgical procedure that reveals the state of health of the individual prior to death. The analysis also determines whether the prior diagnosis and treatment of the patient was appropriate. Autopsies do not always include internal investigations.

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End of Life

The process of aging occurs for each of us. Our aches, pains and personal medical issues accumulate over the years as we become concerned for our continued well being. Our death is inevitable as the wheel of life keeps turning. Death will mark the end of our place on the wheel of life, however it will continue turning for new generations as they begin their own journey.

Photograph (right): Chilliwack Museum and Archives. (ca.189-). Group of Aboriginal peoples gathered in a cemetery. P854

Chilliwack’s Cemeteries on Little Mountain

The first burials in Chilliwack’s Cemeteries took place in the 1870s. Over time separate sections were designated for the Church of England (Anglican), Oddfellows, and Legion cemeteries. There were separate smaller sections designated for Chinese burials and an area known as ‘babyland’.

The Church of England cemetery contains some of the earliest burials on Little Mountain. Many prominent people who were active in the economic and political beginnings of Chilliwack are buried here.

The most arresting feature in the International Order of Oddfellows (I.O.O.F.) section is a 17-foot red granite obelisk. This is the Stevenson family memorial.

The Canadian Legion Cemetery is distinguished by the uniform planting of trees and shrubs. The earliest burials took place in 1941.

Photograph: Chilliwack Museum and Archives. (189-). View of the IOOF Cemetery at Little Mountain. P1012.

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