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The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary was instrumental in developing Chilliwack's first hospital. The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary is still active today!


Helping Hands

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." (Winston Churchill)

The work of charitable organizations is vital to our continued well being. Their interests are varied reflecting specialities such as medicine, health promotion and health care. Together they ensure that the many resources required for a community's health are delivered benefiting one and all. Concerns for our personal care, personal health and environmental impacts are a constant focus.

Photograph (right): The Chilliwack Progress. (February, 1965). Women from the Red Cross blood donation clinic. Chilliwack Museum and Archives photograph, P.Coll 106.

Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary

The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary formed in 1911 and had an important role in Chilliwack receiving its own hospital. The Auxiliary was comprised entirely of women who worked hard in their fundraising efforts to raise money for a new hospital. Today, the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary continues to raise funds to purchase hospital equipment. Visit the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary website.

Below: Chilliwack Museum and Archives. (1911). Decorated booth at the Chilliwack Feast of Nations fundraiser for the Chilliwack Hospital. 1996.037.003


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