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Donors and Contributers

Thank you to all of our supporters and donors who contributed to our 2011 Collection Legacy Fund. Because of the financial contributions made by the list of people here, we were able to acquire new rolling shelving and upgrade our archives centre in order to provide ongoing, professional care for Chilliwack's artifact and archival treasures.

* note: some donors have chosen to remain anonymous

Legacy Classic Sponsorship

  • Chilliwack Foundation
  • Marion Dyck
  • Department of Canadian Heritage
  • City of Chilliwack

Legacy Heritage Sponsorship

  • Ewert and Eva Lock
  • Kostrzewa Family
  • Stan and Lily Ross
  • Kory Lewis
  • In memory of Art and Gladys Turvey
  • In memory of Max Stewart
  • In memory of Neil McGregor
  • Marion and D.K. Soutar

Legacy Heirloom Sponsorship

  • M.L. Walker
  • Mertin Group of Companies
  • Unimaxx Networks Inc.
  • Triple B Plumbing Ltd.
  • Hi-Cube Storage Projects Ltd.
  • Jerry and Sasha Olynyk

Legacy Sponsorship

  • Harold Thorpe
  • Morag MacLachlan
  • Jim Harris
  • Ruth Thomson
  • Anna Erho
  • Robert and Beulah Campbell
  • Doug Steinson
  • Remarkable Uniform Ltd.
  • Dianne Vanden Brink
  • Kerry Pashak
  • Alberta Rafferty
  • Walter and Beryl Sussel
  • B. and H. Wiens
  • John (Jack) Ashdown
  • June Hinds
  • Philip and Beatrice Mazurenko
  • Ryder Lake Women's Institute
  • John and Patricia Halstad
  • Marilynne Black
  • Margaret Crabtree
  • Margot Brison
  • Lesley Anderson
  • Kathleen Funk
  • Orland and Marilyn Hooge
  • In Memory of Birch and Mary Van Horne
  • In Memory of Lorna and Cecil Shaw
  • Barbara Shannon
  • Bruce and Dorothy Prentice
  • Owen Nelmes
  • Emma Walker
  • Elaine Griffiths


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