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David and Laura Miller

In 1862, David Miller (1830-1903) came west with his wife, Laura (1834-1914), and brothers-in-laws, Chester and James Chadsey. She was the first white woman to enter the valley. The Millers settled on land at the east end of Chilliwack Mountain.  In 1867, Miller opened a store and post office and this location, Miller’s Landing, became an important stop for paddlewheel boats travelling along the Fraser River.  While the business prospered, the Miller’s continued to farm.  Their land holdings eventually amounted to about 900 acres.

In 1877 Miller erected a large stone house that became a local landmark. He was a member of the first Municipal Council and a respected member of the Methodist Church.  The Millers had one child, Elizabeth. Laura died in 1914 at Long Beach, California while spending the winter with Mrs. W. A. Rose, Mrs. G. W. Chadsey and Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Kipp.