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George Washington and Eliza Jane Chadsey


Ontario born George Chadsey (1846-1910) and his brother William arrived in the area in 1866.  After living for short times in New York, Michigan and British Columbia’s Cariboo area, they joined their two brothers, Chester and James and brother-in-law David Miller and his wife.  George pre-empted land in an area now known as Greendale.

In 1869 Chadsey returned to Ontario to marry Brighton Ontario born Eliza Jane Thorne (1849-1931) and they returned to the Fraser Valley in 1870.  Mrs. Chadsey was highly esteemed for her neighbourliness and involvement in the Women's Christian Temperance Union, Women's Institutes and the Women's Missionary Society of the United Church.

In 1887, Chadsey was appointed Registrar of County Court of New Westminster and a notary public.  He was registrar of births, deaths and marriages, collector of the municipal dyking tax and agent for the Vancouver Power Company.  In 1899, he gave up farming and the Chadseys’ moved into Chilliwack.  He was involved with the Methodist Church.  At the time of his death, he was Clerk of the County Court at Chilliwack. The Chadsey’s had three sons and three daughters.