World War One Roll of Honour



Private William Tweedle Pake
March 28th, 1917
46th Battalion C.E.F. (Saskatchewan)
Service Number 912044. Originally enlisted with the 196th Battalion C.E.F.
Villers Station Cemetery, Villers-Au-Bois, France. Age 23
Son of Harley and Margaret Pake, Rosedale, B.C.

William Pake enlisted, as an officer, in the 196th (Western Universities) Battalion C.E.F. In anticipation of getting to the front earlier, he resigned his commission and became a private. Many units of the C.E.F. adopted nicknames and his next unit, the 46th, became known as the "Suicide Battalion". His family were newcomers to the district and lived near Rosedale Landing. William was educated at Chilliwack High School and King Edward High School in Vancouver and with Wendell Stacey and other members of that High School Cadet Corps, visited Australia. Afterwards he attended Normal School, received his teaching certificate and taught at Prince Rupert. A brother James joined the C.E.F. and later served during the Second World War.



Private Peter Parry
October 12, 1918
4th Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, C.E.F.
Service Number 2005773. Originally enlisted with the Canadian Engineers Training Depot
Etaples Military Cemetery, Etaples, France. Age 30
Next of Kin Unknown. William Dusterhoeft recorded as Legal Representative

Private Parry joined the Canadian Engineers in Vancouver, B.C., and then joined a machine gun unit of the C.E.F. He was a member of the Oddfellows and Rebekahs and lived in the area since 1906. His only known relative was a brother, name unknown, who also served with the C.E.F. Private Parry died from disease.


Private Robert Hamilton Paterson
June 26, 1917
47th Battalion C.E.F. (New Westminster)
Service Number 790856. Originally enlisted with the 131st Battalion C.E.F.
Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension, France. Age 30
Son of Caroline Paterson, LaSalle, Manitoba, formerly Chilliwack, B.C.

Born in Scotland, Robert Paterson farmed in East Chilliwack with his brother Peter. A sister lived in East Chilliwack.


Private William Henry Payne
August 9, 1918
72nd Battalion C.E.F. (Seaforth Highlanders of Canada)
Service Number 1015675. Originally enlisted with the 231st Battalion C.E.F.
Hillside Cemetery, Le Quesnel, France. Age 21
Son of Ernest Dodson and Alice Emily Payne, Vancouver, B.C., formerly Chilliwack, B.C.

Born in England, Private Payne joined another Vancouver "Seaforth Highlanders" Battalion, the 231st C.E.F. and subsequently joined the 72nd C.E.F. as a reinforcement.


Private Sherman Edward Peet
February 20, 1916
78th Battalion C.E.F. (The Winnipeg Grenadiers)
Service Number 148587. Original member of the 78th Battalion C.E.F.
Chilliwack (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery, B.C., Canada. Age 22
Son of Albert Peet, Langley Prairie, British Columbia.

Sherman Peet was a former employee of McLennan and McFeely Co., hardware merchants, of Vancouver, B.C. In May 1915 Peet left their employ and relocated to Winnipeg where in December he joined the 78th Battalion. He died in St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg from pneumonia and his remains were shipped to Chilliwack for burial where forty members of Chilliwack's Home Guard met the tram and escorted the remains to the J.C. Henderson funeral parlour. The body was then taken to the Peet family home until the funeral. Reverend William Quigley of Cheam Methodist Church conducted the service. Two brothers also served in the C.E.F. Their parents were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peet formerly of Rosedale.


Lance Corporal Arthur Milton Pixley
May 4, 1917
7th Battalion C.E.F. (1st B.C. Regiment)
Service Number 760094. Originally enlisted with the 121st Battalion C.E.F.
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France. Age 21
Wife resided in Bellingham, Washington. Name unknown.

Lance Corporal Pixley who was born in Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A. joined the 121st (Western Irish) Battalion C.E.F. and was a reinforcement to the 7th Battalion. His sister was Mrs. Elmer Parsons of Parsons Hill.


Private William Henry Pollard
April 12, 1917
46th Battalion C.E.F. (Saskatchewan)
Service Number 911968. Originally enlisted with the 196th Battalion C.E.F.
Givenchy-En-Gohelle Canadian Cemetery, Souchez, France. Age 21
Son of William J. and Barbara Pollard, 620 - Victoria Rd., Nanaimo, B.C.

William Pollard was at the time of his enlistment the principal of Atchelitz School. He originally joined the 196th (Western Universities) Battalion C.E.F. and later became a reinforcement to the 46th Battalion, C.E.F.


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