Current Exhibits

The Suitcase Project
February 9, 2023, to June 3, 2023

The Suitcase Project asks yonsei and gosei (fourth and fifth generation) Japanese Canadians and Americans what they would pack if uprooted from their homes at a moment’s notice. 

While these descendants of the internment and incarceration may never have to endure the same forced uprooting as their ancestors, Kayla Isomura’s work examines how they, and those descended from families who experienced other forms of discrimination, remain affected by this history today through a series of photographs, short films, and interviews. 

Over the course of nearly three months, more than 80 subjects ranging in age and background shared their stories from cities in British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA. June 16, 2018, marked its debut at the Nikkei National Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia.

KALEIDOSCOPIC | Krista Kilvert Art Exhibition
February 9, 2023, to June 10, 2023

Krista Kilvert’s exhibition presents artworks advocating for ethnocultural diversity. Over the last century, immigration has not only shaped our country but is intrinsically linked to our global identity. In celebration of our rich linguistic mosaic, Kilvert has created a textile artwork titled ‘Mother Tongue’ with the text ‘My Voice’ translated into over 100 languages currently spoken in Canada. An additional artwork titled ‘Generification’ poses questions about acculturation as can be associated with assimilation and loss of cultural identity.