Local History Kits

Education kits are developed to align with the BC Curriculum and contain reproductions of primary source materials on local history topics along with suggested lessons, activities, and supplementary materials. Kits can be borrowed for 1-week increments and are $15/week.

Chilliwack Chinatowns
Discover the history of Chilliwack’s two former Chinatowns. This kit includes photographs, maps, an abacus, a mahjong set, and a copy of Chad Reimer’s book Chilliwack Chinatowns. Also referenceable is the virtual exhibit “Chilliwack’s Chinatowns: A story of diversity, racism, and arson.”

Kits from The Royal BC Museum
The Writing on the Wall: An Outreach Kit on Chinese Canadian Historical Wrongs
Using reproduction wall fragments, students will answer the inquiry question “Does this graffiti deserve a place in the collection of the Royal BC Museum?” a selection of primary source documents (photographs, legislation, letters, head tax certificates, and an advertisement) are also included.

Building Community: Paldi and the Legacy of South Asian Canadians in BC
Students will engage with the question “What or who influenced the start, growth and decline of Paldi?”. As well as learning about South Asian Canadian history in BC, students will of children who were in Paldi in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Booking Information:
Sarah Belley, Education & Engagement Coordinator
604-795-5210 ext. 103 | sarah@chilliwackmuseum.ca