Upcoming Exhibits

Hops & Heritage (Mini-Exhibition)
June 24, 2023

From the Archives: Frederick Leary
June 24, 2023, to September 9, 2023

This upcoming exhibition showcases the life and work of Frederick Gordon Leary. Frederick arrived in Chilliwack in 1914 at the age of 25 and opened The Palms Confectionery on Wellington Avenue. In addition to dishing up sweet treats in his ice cream parlour, Frederick was an avid photographer and contributed to numerous community organizations throughout his life.

Featured in this exhibition are selected photographs taken by Frederick Leary from 1914-1920, featuring area residents and built structures around Chilliwack; along with objects relating to his business and involvement with community organizations.

This exhibition is the second installment of a series highlighting collections pertaining to an individual, featuring records, photographs, and objects from the Chilliwack Museum and Archives collection.

Sparked: Moved to Action
June 24, 2023, to December 23, 2023

As 2023 marks 150 years since the incorporation of the Township of Chilliwhack, this exhibition reflects on significant events within this timeframe that inspired individual and collective activism within the community.

The exhibition examines moments of social shifts in the community landscape, reflecting on political, economic, cultural, and environmental issues that have ongoing impacts today.

Community Art Show
September 21, 2023, to December 23, 2023