UNARCHIVED | Film Screening

Join us on June 9, 2023, International Archives Day, at 7:00 pm for a free screening of UNARCHIVED. The screening will take place at the Chilliwack Archives, located at 9291 Corbould Street (Evergreen Hall).



Directed by Hayley Gray and Elad Tzadok
Produced by Teri Snelgrove
Executive Producer Shirley Vercruysse
84 m | 2022

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
– William Faulkner

In this new feature documentary, co-directors Hayley Gray and Elad Tzadok highlight community archives from across British Columbia to reveal some of what has been erased from the official record.

The people and places left out of traditional archives and museums are often determined by the dominant power. Local knowledge keepers are undoing these omissions and hand-fashioning a more inclusive history. Through a collage of personal interviews, archival footage, and deeply rooted memories, the past, present and future come together, fighting for a space where everyone is seen and everyone belongs.

History is what we all make of it.